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I am a resident of Canada, can I have WartPEEL prescribed to me?

Yes. You can send this application link to your doctor: Prescriber Application

After the application is submitted, they will be able to access necessary information to prescribe WartPEEL. 

Will my prescription insurance pay for WartPeel?

Since WartPeel is a compounded medication that is custom made, most insurance companies do not cover it. In many cases, the prescription is eligible to be paid for using a Flex Spending Account or a Health Savings Account. The patient may also choose to self-submit a claim. If you would like to do this, please contact your insurance company for further instructions. 

What will I receive in the package from the compounding pharmacy?

You will receive a receipt, an information sheet, and a prescription vial. The vial contains a syringe with the medication, two blue applicators, and a roll of Blenderm tape (if requested by your provider).

What should I expect when starting WartPeel?

After the first few days of application, the wart will usually turn white in color if it is in a thick skinned area like the hands, feet, elbows and knees. In thin skinned areas like the forearms, face and genitals, the warts will at first swell and then form scabs. Please see our patient instruction sheets with video links for more information.

Should I continue using the medication until the syringe is empty?

The prescribed quantity is a standard amount that may not be completely used over the course of treatment.

How do I know when to stop treating?

Most patients will require a minimum 3-4 weeks of treatment and many will need at least 1-2 months. Appearance of the wart over the course of therapy varies among patients, so there is not a standard duration of treatment or discontinuation timeline. Some patients have reported treating until normal skin tone or skin lines reappear. A follow-up appointment with a prescriber is beneficial in order to determine when to discontinue.

What are the most common side effects?

Redness and irritation around the wart(s) is common and can be minimized with careful application to the wart, avoiding the surrounding skin. Mild to moderate burning and soreness can be expected especially towards the end of the treatment. This means WartPeel is penetrating from the epidermis, the top layer of the skin where the wart lives, to the dermis, the layer underneath that is bright red and has many nerves.
Though uncommon, additional adverse effects include allergic contact dermatitis, and itchiness. There are no known incidences of scarring to date. It is believed the WartPeel is not strong enough to scar the skin. Call your doctor or get medical help if you have any side effects that bother you or do not go away.

Can I leave the tape and medication on for 24 hours or do I have to take it off in the morning?

Remove the tape during the day unless told to leave it on by your provider.

Do I have to use the tape provided, or can I use another kind of tape, such as duct tape?

We supply a roll of Blenderm tape made by 3-M. Blenderm tape because it is latex free, and enhances the effectiveness of WartPeel. Duct tape may be used if desired based
on individual preference or prescriber preference. You should not use a Band-Aid to cover the wart except during the day as needed. Patients using WartPeel for flat warts, genital warts, seborrheic keratosis or molluscum contagiosum do not need to use the tape.

Can I apply the medication directly to the wart or must I apply it to the blue applicator first?

You should use the blue applicators, or other utensil such as a Q-tip or toothpick, to prevent any direct contact between the wart and syringe tip because it can contaminate the medication in the syringe.

How do I clean the blue applicators?

You should wash them with soap and water after each use.

How do I store the medication?

Store this medication in the prescription vial at a controlled room temperature out of direct sunlight. It should be stored out of the reach of children.

How long is medication good for?

WartPeel should not be used past the beyond-use date. Doing so will not cause the intended effect and can result in potentially harmful effects.

How do I dispose of this medication?

Refer to your individual state’s regulations for drug disposal. Many local law enforcement agencies participate in "take-back” days several times per year. These local events and other local permanent collection programs can be found on the DEA website.

Why should WartPeel be kept out of the reach of pregnant or nursing women?

WartPeel has not been studied in pregnant or nursing women so it is not recommended these populations be exposed to the medication. Although previous studies have shown minimal medication will be absorbed into the body when applied on the wart, the product contains 5-fluorouracil which can cause birth defects when used in higher doses. It is important to keep this product out of direct contact with pregnant or nursing mothers. If there is not another individual available to apply the medication to the patient, pregnant/nursing individuals should wear gloves and wash their hands well after assisting with application.

What is the minimum age that a child must be to use WartPeel?

Wartpeel has been studied in patients as young as 4 years old but some dermatologists have used the medication in younger patients. Speak with your dermatologist if your child is under 4 years old.

Is WartPeel FDA approved?

The individual active components of WartPeel (salicylic acid and 5-fluorouracil) are FDA approved and have been used to treat warts and other skin conditions for decades. The combination product is a compounded medication developed exclusively by MedCara and produced under the strictest compounding regulations. Compounded medications like WartPeel do not require and are not given FDA approval. For further information, watch a pharmacist discuss the product in more detail in our Patient Education Video

Who do I contact if I have additional questions about WartPeel?

For questions on WartPeel, feel free to use the toll-free number listed on your prescription label to contact us over the course of your treatment. An additional resource available is the WartPeel training video.

What makes WartPeel Different?

WartPeel is a highly effective prescription medication that has three US patents and has been prescribed and recommended by top dermatologists, podiatrists and pediatricians since 2004. Most topical wart treatments fail becuase they do not penetrate through the thick layers of dead skin that cover the wart. They also spread to the normal skin around the wart which causes severe irritation. WartPeel is not a cream or ointment but an adhesive gel specifically designed to penetrate the many layers of dead skin to get down to the level of the living wart. See what other health care providers are saying about wartpeel.

How much does WartPeel cost?

$98 shipping included

How do I order WartPeel?

WartPeel requires a prescription. Most WartPeel prescribers are dermatologists, podiatrists, pediatricians and family practice. Your prescription will be sent to the NuCara Pharmacy licensed to ship to your state. If you would like a recommendation of a provider who prescribes WartPeel in your area you may contact the pharmacy associated with your state. Click here to find your pharmacy. WartPeel may be prescribed via telemedicine. We recommend you contact (we cannot guarantee the provider will prescribe WartPeel as that is up to their clinical judgment)

How long does it take to work and how do I know when to stop treating?

Most patients will require 1-3 weeks of treatment. Sometimes more depending on the number and location of the warts. A follow-up appointment with a prescriber is beneficial in order to determine when to discontinue use. This video “Knowing When to Stop” gives general guidelines on stopping WartPeel.  



Do I rub WartPeel into the skin?

No! WartPeel is an adhesive gel, a glue. You apply it as precisely as possible to the wart and let it fully dry. This usually takes about 15 minutes. Drying time can be accelerated with a fan. When fully dry it is slightly soft and dry to the touch.

Why can’t WartPeel be sent to my local pharmacy?

WartPeel is a patented compounded medication licensed only to be produced by NuCara Pharmacy where it has been made since 2004.

How long will it take to receive WartPeel?

Once we receive payment, it takes about 3-5 days. The pharmacy will attempt to contact you within 48 hour but to avoid delays, we recommend that you contact the pharmacy ASAP.

Click here to find your pharmacy.

I looked up my pharmacy and it is not in my state. Is that a mistake?

No. NuCara pharmacies have licenses to ship to 48 states but are only located in three states. The pharmacy that ships to your state will most likely be in another state. See example below from website.

The pharmacy hasn't called me what do I do?

The vast majority of the time, the pharmacy does contact you within 24 hours,  but isn’t always successful. We recommend that you call the pharmacy asap to avoid delays.

Click here to find your pharmacy.

How do I get refills of WartPeel?

Your prescriber may have added refills on the prescription. You can locate this information on the vial that contains the medication. If you do have refills, you can contact the compounding pharmacy using the phone number listed on the label to ask for a refill. If your prescriber did not include refills, our pharmacy can contact them to request refills.

When do I put it on?

It is put on at night and washed off in the morning. Skipping days is not recommended as it lengthens treatment times and causes treatment failures.

What do I do with the build up of all the white stuff?

White stuff is good! It is dead wart. Because it is dead it is recommended that it be removed in a safe and sterile way. This can be done with a nail file, cuticle pusher, pumice stone, tweezers or the wartpeel applicator. Do not use anything sharp and stop if you experience pain. The more the white debris is removed the closer the WartPeel is to living wart and the better it works. Sterilize tools between use and discard any tool that cannot be sterilized after the treatment is over to avoid spreading warts to other areas.

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