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Quotes from Healthcare Professionals

"Most health professionals who are involved in dermatological pathology realize that use of a single product for verruca is usually going to fail. WartPEEL, with its proprietary delivery vehicle, offers the advantages of both 5-FU, a noted antimitotic medication, and 17% salicylic acid which is the standard exfoliating agent. I have been so impressed with the preliminary results on my most resistant cases, that I now utilize it as a first-line, rather than, second-line treatment. Its cost, easy application, and effectiveness make it an attractive option for warts on patients of any age. Its effectiveness to date has been so impressive, that once its success has been marketed, it may become the first option for treating warts, exclusive of anal or genital varieties, by all health professionals."

James Mahoney, DPM,
Des Moines University, Des Moines. IA


"I have found WartPEEL to be very beneficial in treating stubborn plantar warts. I have used WP as a lone therapy and in conjunction with other wart treatments. Based on my experiences, WP has significantly lessened treatment times and improved efficacy of other treatments. I plan to continue to use WP on a regular basis, particularly when treating refractory plantar warts."

Rebecca Cummings, MD
Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group, Northbrook, IL

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