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"My absolute favorite treatment for warts is wartPEEL.  WartPEEL works 98% of the time.  It doesn't hurt.  It typically works fast, 2-3 weeks and you have your warts gone.  It's what I do 95% of the time when I'm treating warts in clinic."   To hear the entire interview with Dr. Swanson on Derms and Conditions with James Del Ross, DO.

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Lisa Swanson, MD Pediatric Dermatologist

“Most health professionals who are involved in dermatological pathology realize that use of a single product for verruca is usually going to fail. WartPEEL, with its proprietary delivery vehicle, offers the advantages of both 5-FU, a noted antimitotic medication, and... Read Moreabout James Mahoney testimonial

James Mahoney, DPM, Des Moines University (Retired), Des Moines, IA

 It is very effective, tends to be totally painless, and has a much quicker response than over-the-counter salicylic acid-based treatments for warts.

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Anthony J. Mancini, MD, FAAP, FAAD

Certainly one of the most effective combination products that I use in my practice all the time. It’s very difficult to navigate the litany of products that are both prescription and over the counter. However, WartPeel puts both of these... Read Moreabout Blake Galler testimonial

Blake Galler, DO

Definitely recommend this and it’s not painful which is such a relief. Especially if you have warts in sensitive areas like around your fingertips. Try it you won’t be disappointed. Read Moreabout CD testimonial

CD, Patient

I have been prescribing WartPeel for a while now and the results are amazing, especially on warts that are problematic or in areas that are sensitive to treat. Patients report little to no discomfort with treatment and the lesions quickly... Read Moreabout Darren Board testimonial

Darren Board, PA-C

I was treated by Steven Leon for a very stubborn wart on my thumb that was previously cut out once and frozen twice and still came back. After using the medication he prescribed me, it vanished after a week and... Read Moreabout Tony testimonial

Tony, Patient

The results with WartPeel are impressive. As a medical provider I have used it on patients when nothing else seems to work. It works quickly and with a lot less pain. I would continue to recommend it! Read Moreabout Annaliese Presse Majeed testimonial

Annaliese Presse Majeed, PA-C

I used fixwarts products for my warts on my neck and it took less than a week for them to fall off completely, I'm so happy with the results. You do have to be consistent if you want it to... Read Moreabout Heidi O. testimonial

Heidi O., Patient
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