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Practical Dermatology names WartPeel to be the newest option for the treatment of extensive Seborrheic Keratosis.

Warts, Particularly Plantar Warts, Often Represent An Exacerbating Therapeutic Challenge

They may be self-limiting and disappear without treatment or persist despite months of intensive and varied treatments. Many of the current approaches to treating warts involve the destruction of the involved area of skin, leading to discomfort in the involved area as it heals and associated morbidity.

One of the best studies still today of the natural history of warts was published in 1963. It suggests that only 40% of patients have warts that would disappear without treatment after two years. Therefore, it is likely that over time warts will continue to enlarge, spread, and become more resistant to treatment. Research into treatment also must consider the possibility of spontaneous regression.

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