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WartPEEL is available by Prescription Nationwide (except Alaska) & in Canada

What is WartPEEL

WartPEEL is a prescription compounded medication containing 17% salicylic acid and 2% 5-fluorouracil.  WartPEEL is not a cream or ointment but in a special adhesive gel called Remedium which quickly dries and does not move off the application site. It is applied at night and washed off in the morning. 

WartPEEL has three US patents and has been prescribed by thousands of healthcare providers since 2004. 

How to get WartPEEL

WartPEEL is a patented compounded prescription medication prepared exclusively by NuCara Pharmacy and can be shipped to every state except Alaska. There are two ways to find a healthcare provider who can decide if WartPEEL is the right treatment for you:

  1. Ask your dermatologist (most likely to be familiar with WartPEEL), your primary care provider, pediatrician, podiatrist, or urologist.  They may have already heard about WartPEEL. If they are unfamiliar with WartPEEL the prescriber side of our website is designed to educate them on how to use and prescribe WartPEEL. 

  2. Schedule a teledermatology visit. The average wait time to see a dermatologist is over a month. Teledermatology offers a convenient and secure way to have a virtual visit and be prescribed medication within days. There are several nationwide teledermatology services available. One option is SkyMD as their healthcare providers have been trained on the use and dispensing of WartPEEL. If you are interested in having a SkyMD dermatologist prescribe WartPEEL, please select "Referred by WartPEEL" in the Medical Concern section when submitting your caseThere are also many local dermatologists who offer teledermatology services and may even be able to follow up with you in person if necessary. There is no guarantee that you will be prescribed WartPEEL as that is always up to the provider's clinical judgment.



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